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Since 2013 Native Manor (formally known as JTonezMusic) has provided remarkable musical acts consisting of genres and groups in Top '40s, '90s, Country, Yacht Rock, Samba, Jazz & Afro-Caribbean bands throughout the New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey areas. Since then, in addition to our fabulous live music division, we’ve expanded to offer an array of high-quality performers such as (but not limited to) break/belly/salsa dancers, celebrity performers, mentalists, magicians, hula performers, circus acts, roller girls and beyond! 


We are here to help cast for your needs. We have multi-faceted and adaptable bartenders, servers, brand ambassadors, roadies, and crew to help your event run smoothly. Ask and you shall receive.

We love being a vital asset to companies and clients that put their trust and faith in us. You tell us what you need, and we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on more pressing issues. We help various companies throughout the Tri-state area assisting them with their live music, crew, and specialty act division. You can utilize Native Manor in a few different ways. Some have us run their talent schedules where we book all live talent. Some call us for subs when they're in a pinch. Some trust us to deal with clients looking for Live entertainers on their behalf, and others use us to cast, and audition talent specifically for their company through our Talent Buying option. 


Hiring event staff like bartenders, and cocktail servers/models with not only skill but great personalities is a tedious task for a party planner. That's what Native Manor is all about! Casting! We suggest and pitch you the right fit for your quality event. Establishing the right mood is everything. Native Manor has everything you need to host a flawless event.

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