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We are thrilled to announce the soft launch of Native Manor Nashville!!  That's right! We brought our fabulous casting and coordination services to Nashville, Tennesee! In addition to what we offer in our New York branch, we are adding some brand new services to our "Music City" location which will be announced in the upcoming weeks! Call us today to ask how we can help you!

Native Manor is an Entertainment Coordination company specializing in casting. We have an eye for excellence. Our dedication to scouting, vetting, and auditioning rockstar performers and staff is unmatched. With a hyper-focused work ethic, we remain determined to please those who put their trust in us. Our dynamic and carefully curated musicians, dancers, models, specialty acts, celebrity performers, brand ambassadors, and serving staff are hand-picked to ensure satisfied customers. 


What is our goal? We believe that Native Manor should be the easiest and best decision you’ll ever make. If you are planning an event we will deliver the talent that meets your needs at the lowest cost with the minimum hassle. You tell us what you need, and we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on more pressing issues.

NATIVE MANOR nashville

Talent & Crew

If you are a promo model/brand ambassador, musician, dancer, model, specialty act, a celebrity performer we will connect you with events that match your skill set and schedule. Please head over to the NM ARTIST tab on this site to learn more about how you can join the Native Manor team!


If you haven’t used us before and you want the best, we welcome you to the Manor, Native Manor. If you are a loyal client or performer - Thank you!

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