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Let's start at the beginning of Native Manor LLC, which was founded and developed by a professional female musician. She began her career as a background singer for celebrity acts and went on to become a successful pop-country singer-songwriter who composes music for popular television shows. She has a passion for supporting fellow artists and remains dedicated to empowering them.


Native Manor takes great pride in supporting entertainers in its community and is committed to guiding and protecting its affiliated talent. Through Native Manor Artist, a safe and collaborative environment is provided where artists of all genres can come together to learn, grow and excel in their craft. Our mission is to equip artists with the necessary tools and resources to achieve success in their careers, including education on business management and professionalism. From informative blog articles to on-camera interviews with industry professionals, Native Manor is dedicated to helping artists reach their full potential.


In addition, Native Manor hosts community networking events, workshops, and offers business/strategy coaching services to help artists further their careers. We also post daily paid gig opportunities that are open to all.

Native Manor Artist Blog Spotlight

Our blog is not your typical entertainment blog. We provide direct, to-the-point guidance for creatives seeking valuable insights and suggestions to succeed as both an entertainer and a business owner because we understand that your art is also your business.


We are committed to supporting and helping creatives of all kinds on their journey. Whether you're just starting out or need guidance on how to build your brand as an entertainment entrepreneur, we've got you covered.


Stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and tips by clicking the button to read our monthly blogs. Thank you for being a part of the Native Manor Artists community!

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Native Manor Artist Facebook Group

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Join the Native Manor Artist Facebook group to engage and network with other creatives. Promote your music, ask questions, and browse available paid gig opportunities that you can submit for. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive community for artists, musicians, and all creatives to learn, grow, and collaborate. Let's work together and help each other along the way, because who doesn't love free tips to help them on their journey? Follow us on the Native Manor Instagram story to see daily open gig opportunities! Join us today and become a part of the Native Manor Artists community! 

Bundle Up Nash - Charity

At Native Manor, we believe in giving back to our community, and philanthropy is a fundamental part of our musical mission and values. We are grateful for the generosity and talent that flows through our entertainment company.

Our founder has been an active philanthropist since 2013 and is passionate about creating opportunities to help those in need. In 2019, we established Bundle Up Nash, the official charity organization of Native Manor. Bundle Up Nash partners with various organizations throughout Middle Tennessee to host music-based seasonal charity events and provide monthly volunteer opportunities for the Nashville community.

To learn more about how you can get involved, please subscribe to the Bundle Up Nash email list and follow us on Instagram. Let's work together to support those in need and make a difference in our community.

Follow us at @Bundleup_Nash and @NativeManor.

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