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Native Manor is a boutique entertainment company that provides clients with a memorable live performance experience. With the help of our dynamic roster of carefully curated musicians, dancers, models, specialty acts, and celebrity performers, Native Manor never disappoints.


With a knack for creative ideas, attention to detail, and quality performances, Native Manor knows how to bring you the entertainment you’re looking for.


Since 2013, the owner of Native Manor, Jessica Antonette has traveled the world performing with various celebrity acts such as Grammy award-winning artists such as Melissa Etheridge, Michael Bolton, and the Goo-Goo Dolls. Her natural entrepreneur mindset and commitment to both her clients and the artists within her company is where she finds her purpose. 


“Through my own music career, I saw the need to bridge the gap between the client and artist. Live entertainment can make or break the mood, energy, and vibe of an event. Unfortunately, performers are not all created equal, the work ethic and attention to detail are not always there. The sound is not always right. Having been on both sides of the business, and understanding talent, the importance of stage presence and sound allows me to provide something my clients can trust. By understanding the energy they hope to bring into their event, I’m able to fulfill my client's needs by arranging or choosing the right artistic choices so both the artist and event can shine. It’s a recipe for not only a great outcome but allows for a natural and enjoyable entertainment experience for everyone involved. Thankfully we are achieving that.” - owner, Jessica Antonette

Image by Mark Timberlake