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Native Manor is a multifaceted boutique entertainment company that offers agent services that specialize in artist consulting, A&R, booking, events and more. Our services are available in New York & Tennessee. 


“Since 2013 I’ve worked with clients and venues all over the country booking talent for private and corporate events. When I was in the process of conceptualizing Native Manor, I wanted to offer a division that focuses on helping artists in addition to booking special events. As a professional musician, I’ve struggled to decide whether to invest my limited budget in my music or in the promotion of it. The truth is, an artist needs both. An amazing product is great, but if no one has the chance to listen to it, how does that advance your career? I had a small budget for PR, but the big companies wouldn’t work with me because it was under their minimums and retainer fees. I just needed some help and guidance to get me to the next step. Because of my experiences, I wanted my business to offer two divisions set to help both sides of the entertainment industry, and we are achieving that.” - owner, Jessica Antonette

The first division is providing the best entertainers for private/corporate events. Offering a solid roster of dancers, specialty acts, and celebrity performers, Native Manor has everything needed to create a memorable event. We have joined forces with some of the greatest event staff and coordinators in the industry. 

The second division is dedicated to connecting artists to development assistance, consulting, other music details hat we are very proud of. Our A LA CARTE style promotion approach. Much like choosing individual options at a restaurant, Native Manor offers “a la carte” style marketing and PR options to help an artist build their career at affordable pricing. Most PR/Marketing firms require an expensive retainer with a minimum number of months retained and make the artist feel like just another number. Native Manor offers a different, more personalized, grassroots environment.