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Our slogan, "Talent Acquisition Made Easy," sums up our commitment to efficiently casting and coordinating performers for venues, entertainment/production companies, and event planners at a cost-effective rate. With operations in the New York (Tri-State area) and Nashville, Tennessee we offer a hyper-focused work ethic prioritizing scouting, vetting, and auditioning performers who showcase top talent and professionalism. By relying on us for your talent needs frees you to focus on other matters.


With our recent expansion to "Music City," Tennessee, Native Manor is now offering the same incredible services as our New York location. Additionally, we've introduced a new division, "Native Manor Artists," dedicated to supporting diverse entertainers. This division provides valuable resources such as artist services, free workshops, networking events, consulting, educational articles, and accountability services, all tailored to support artists on their journeys. Learn more about NMA by clicking the "Native Manor Artists" tab on our website.

Casting & Coordination Services

We collaborate with private clients, corporations, venues, and production companies to fulfill their entertainment requirements. Our extensive network of performers are the foundation of our suggested lineup, highlighting a broad spectrum of talent ranging from musicians and dancers to models, specialty acts, celebrity performers, brand ambassadors, and beyond. We offer talent at a more affordable rate. 

Are you an entertainment company, event planner, or venue? Explore several ways to utilize our services:

Collaborative Assistance: We can work alongside your staff to assist in scouting, provide recruiting suggestions, and schedule your live entertainment needs based on the information provided by you.

Last-Minute Replacements: Reach out to us in a pinch when you need a replacement performer at the last minute.


Comprehensive Calendar Support: Provide us with your full calendar of needs, and we can suggest suitable auditions based on your specific requirements.

Foot Traffic and Brand Awareness For Venues: Our talent isn't just about performing; we strategically match talent capable of drawing crowds to your establishment. Additionally, we offer insight and professional marketing consulting services for venues.

Feel free to check out our Google reviews to see how satisfied our clients are with our services!

Dancer with Hoop


Are you an entertainer looking for paid gig opportunities? Look no further! Native Manor is actively seeking fresh talent for private and corporate events, as well as original artist placements in both New York and Tennessee. While we prioritize talent and skills, professionalism and accountability are equally important to us. To get in touch and submit your information and live reels for consideration, visit our casting Instagram page @NativeManorCasting. Direct message us with your info, and be sure to follow us for daily casting oprotunities. Submissions are accepted exclusively through our Instagram page. If you're a good fit, we'll reach out to you!

Native Manor Artist provides an array of artist services, such as A&R, à la carte PR, artist consulting, and accountability coaching. Explore the NMA community and discover all the benefits by clicking the tab on our website labeled "NATIVE MANOR ARTIST."  or visit our IG account at @NATIVEMANORARTIST . Whether you're starting out in the industry or aiming to advance your career, Native Manor Artist offers a supportive and inclusive community where artists can thrive. 


@NativeManor -Official business page

@NativeManorCasting - Casting & all talent submissions

@NativemanorArtist - Artist page, events, and rounds


Giving back to our community, and philanthropy is a fundamental part of our musical mission and values at Native Manor.


Our founder has been an active philanthropist since 2013 and is passionate about creating opportunities to help those in need. In 2019, we established Bundle Up Nash, the official charity group of Native Manor. Bundle Up Nash partners with various organizations throughout Middle Tennessee and New York 4 times a year to host music-based charity events with monthly volunteer opportunities.


To learn more about how you can get involved, please subscribe to the Bundle Up Nash email list and follow us on Instagram. Let's work together to support those in need and make a difference in our community.


Follow us at @Bundleup_Nash and @NativeManor

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