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Native Manor Artists is the artist division of Native Manor, a casting and coordination company initially established in New York and now extending its reach to "Music City," Tennessee. With our expansion into Nashville, Native Manor introduced Native Manor Artists, committed to supporting and empowering artists and talent across various genres on their creative journey.


This new division offers boutique services tailored to artists' needs offering valuable resources such as free workshops, writers' rounds, networking events, in-person and remote consulting/accountability coaching, business strategy services, and educational blog articles . We pride ourselves on our selective approach, collaborating only with artists who resonate with our vision, ensuring a focused and impactful partnership.


In today's industry, artists must also be entrepreneurs. Native Manor Artist’s goal is to equip talent with the business mindset, motivation, and tactics needed to advance in their careers. When artists succeed, we succeed. Explore our website to discover resources and opportunities for your success. Join us at events in Nashville or connect with us on social media to learn more about our coaching services and beyond.


Explore our website to discover the resources and opportunities that can contribute to the success you deserve. If you're in Nashville, TN, join us at one of our events or writers' rounds to get involved! Reach out to us on social media to learn more about how you can access coaching services and beyond!



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We offer straightforward guidance for creatives, providing valuable insights and suggestions to succeed both as entertainers and business owners. We recognize that your art is also your business. Our content covers various relevant topics, ensuring a quick and no-nonsense read.

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  • Free Monthly Blog (First Monday of every month) - Subscribe for free, and rest assured, no spam emails ever!

  • Heavy Hitters Writers Round (First Wednesday of every month) - Follow our NATIVEMANORARTIST IG page to stay up to date on venue changes, times, and artist lineups.

  • Power Hour - Free, limited spots available; submissions are accepted during the last week of each month. It offers free consulting strategy sessions for entertainers looking to level up.

Welcome to the home of the Heavy Hitters Nashville's premiere writers' round

1st Wednesday of each month. Rotating venues. See the NativeManorArtist IG to see where we are next 

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Native Manor is an entertainment coordination company located in New York and Tennessee that specializes in talent acquisition for private and corporate events while also creating a safe environment for entertainers. We scout talented performers based on the needs of venues, events, and clients, and our goal is to connect our clients with the right performers to create an exceptional event.

Native Manor is currently scouting for new talent for paid events. We prioritize not only talent and skill but also professionalism and accountability. To apply, send us a direct message on our casting page @Nativemanorcasting on IG, including your name, age, location, and a LIVE reel of your talent. If it aligns with our needs, one of our team members will be in touch!


Giving back to our community, and philanthropy is a fundamental part of our musical mission and values at NM & NMA.


Our founder has been an active philanthropist since 2013 and is passionate about creating opportunities to help those in need. In 2019, we established Bundle Up Nash, the official charity group of Native Manor. Bundle Up Nash partners with various organizations throughout Middle Tennessee 4 times a year to host music-based charity events with monthly volunteer opportunities.


To learn more about how you can get involved, please subscribe to the Bundle Up Nash email list and follow us on Instagram. Let's work together to support those in need and make a difference in our community.


Follow us at @Bundleup_Nash and @NativeManor

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