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We’ve all heard the phrase, “Starving Artist.” It’s a real term that many artists face while building their careers. With a limited budget, you debate between if investing your money in the sound quality and production is best over promotions. The truth is, you need both. The best product will only get you so far if it’s not heard by the masses. It’s a struggle to afford the big marketing and PR firms with an artist's budget. Many require a retainer with a minimum number of months.


As an artist myself, I experienced this dilemma. I had some money for PR, but no one would work with my limited budget. This is where Native Manor Entertainment comes in. 

Native Manor offers, “ a la carte” style options to help an artist with their needs while offering affordable pricing options. Our strategy consultants will learn about your vision and set a goal and task plan with an execution strategy. 

A La Carte

Here’s how it works: 


The Artist sets up a consultation and chooses the options that fit their needs and wants for their particular project. 

Example: You have a single coming out. You need help exposing your music for the release. 

You need:

  • 5 write-ups in the local press

  • 5 features on social media blogs

  • 2 write-ups/reviews

  • 3 booked shows in a certain area

You then reach out to, set up a consultation and we take it from there. 

To be considered, please click the button below and fill ut our sumbmission form.